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High standards of service

In order to provide and offer service and maintenance of a consistently high standard, we have an extensive spare parts warehouse and a modern, fully-equipped workshop which meets all requirements and set guidelines conditions.

Our machines are impeccably maintained by our own service department. Needless to say, we also repair machines on location. In the unlikely event of any glitches or defects, our 24-hour service is on hand to help you! Our original parts are of a high quality, have a proven safety record and are highly reliable. In addition, the original parts are particularly economical due to their extreme durability and excellent value for money.

Why you should choose OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts:

  • Because they fit perfectly;
  • Because they are tested for operational reliability and safety;
  • Because material of the highest quality is used;
  • Because they are extremely resistant to wear and tear;
  • Because technical updates are made where necessary;

Besides the proper maintenance of machinery, the mandatory annual inspection of your transport equipment is essential for safety. Would you like to have your machine inspected by our professionals? Contact us today.