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Training courses for maintenance mechanics

During the training for maintenance engineers it is possible to follow a supportive practical training on the Railbuddy railway aerial work platform. The training courses are intended to practise skills such as inspecting, optimising and rectifying faults during operations.

Much attention is also paid to the (preventive) maintenance of the machine and you will receive extensive instruction regarding the machine and the various components used. In this way, faults can be remedied quickly, and the machine has as little downtime as possible and as low a cost of ownership as possible.

This practical training serves as a supplement to the experience you gain as an employee in the work field. Under expert guidance, you can practice specific skills that are covered in the course, such as:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of railway aerial work platform;
  • Adjusting railway aerial work platform;
  • Dealing with measuring instruments and identifying faults;
  • Completion of maintenance reports;
  • Safety, safety equipment and safe working practices;
  • Repair, removal and assembly of components;
  • Testing of work undertaken.
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