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The most innovative and technically advanced railway aerial work platform in its class!

The Railbuddy has a lateral reach of 8.95m, height of 17m, continuous rotation and 180-degree rotation of the platform cage for total flexibility when working on the track. The compact dimensions allow for clear visibility in the vicinity of the machine.

The Railbuddy allows the driver to work at full height and maximum reach with total peace of mind. Heavy-duty hinged sections and a high machine rigidity contribute greatly to improving operational comfort at height. On both rail and road, the stability of the Railbuddy is guaranteed due to the high quality of construction and the use of quality components. The unique variable gauge system makes it possible to work with the platform to operate on all the most common railways in Europe (track gauge can vary from 1000 to 1600 mm).

The Railbuddy’s large, spacious 2.30mx .90m platform cage has a pioneering, exceptional capacity of 400 kg. The 3 access points and double handrails are standard for extra protection. Approved for the transport of 3 persons. The lockable ergonomically designed control box is designed to facilitate precise movement of the machine and controls the entire machine so that the operator has no need to leave the platform cage when switching between road and rail. A control pedal prevents unwanted machine movements and the SAFE-man system prevents entrapment.

In accordance with European directives, the Railbuddy meets all requirements. Switching between road and rail operation is all done from the control panel in the platform cage for optimum safety. The machine is equipped with a weight control with gradient detector and electrically controlled emergency repair pump. The machine is 4 × 4 driven using a 4 x 4 braking system for safe operation and connected to a hydrostatic transmission for smooth and precise movement of the machine. In addition, the railway aerial work platform has a height and swivel limiter.

Railbuddy’s main feature designs include excellent service and accessibility for maintenance. By opening the lockable cowling of the upper structure, all important components and service points are easily accessible and this helps to reduce maintenance and down time costs. The control box is fully protected and forms a protective layer that is ideal for extreme weather conditions or the prevention of vandalism.

The aerial platform is equipped with

  • 400 kg platform cage (3 persons + tools);
  • Easy operation from the platform cage, including quick track gauge conversion;
  • Continuous 360⁰ rotation, up to 8.5 metres lateral range;
  • Hydrostatic 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel brake system both on rail and on the road;
  • Swivel and height limiter equipped with key;
  • Pantograph (4.80 – 5.80m) for digital height and shift meter with data logger;
  • Aluminium rail trailer for transporting materials and tools (max. 500 kg).


  • Working height: 16.40 m
  • Platform floor height: 14.40 m
  • Max. lateral range: 8.95 m
  • Jib movement: +70o/-70o
  • Platform cage rotation: +90o/-90o
  • Upper structure rotation: 360o continuous rotation
  • Capacity: 400 kg
  • Dimensions platform cage: 2.30 x 0.93 m