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Rent a railway aerial work platform from SHVbv

As all-round railway machinery specialists we are available for both large and small projects on and around the railways. Because we have an extensive range of machinery, you can also buy and hire aerial track work platforms from SHVbv. Our fleet consists of a large number of telehandlers. Our ManiRail rail telehandler is used for many types of maintenance on the Dutch metro-, tram– and railway network. This telehandler is very suitable for overhead catenary system work such as replacing catenary.

SHVbv for all your track maintenance

Maintenance is specialist work, and it requires specific knowledge and the use of the right materials. By using the Railbuddy, our many other vehicles, and our associate professionals, you will not only have the most appropriate railway machinery at your disposal but also the qualified specialists to carry out your most advanced projects. Because our professionals are very willing to share their expertise and contribute ideas, we are known as a reliable, qualitative and very service-oriented company. Over the years, we have built up a large customer base throughout the Netherlands. We work with renowned companies such as ProRail, HSL/HRT, RET, TRU and Infrabel. SHVbv has also participated in projects such as the North-South line and the Betuwe route, the important and busy transport route between Rotterdam and Germany.

SHVbv your complete supplier

SHVbv is your complete supplier for everything related to renting and buying railway aerial work platforms. The machinery we supply always carry the CE mark and, if appropriate, a Dutch number plate. We work exclusively with competent and certified professionals, guaranteeing we can provide you optimal and reliable service. Do you have any questions or do you want to buy a railway aerial work platform or rent a railway aerial work platform? Then feel free to contact us for more information!

We have a range of railway aerial work platforms in stock

Our machine pool contains a range of railway aerial work platforms such as the innovative Railbuddy. This can be easily operated from the platform cage which has sufficient space for 3 people and tools up to 400 kg. If you need to exceed this 400 kg, it is possible to equip this aerial work platform with an aluminium rail trailer to transport your extra equipment. This can carry up to 500 kg. Our aerial work platforms are fitted with an extremely clean diesel engine so that it can be safely used in tunnels. Would you like to rent a railway aerial work platform huren or buy a railway aerial work platform? Then contact us!

Opt for one of SHVbv’s rail specialists

No matter whether your project is large or small. At SHVbv we are ready to help you day and night. We will gladly go the extra mile with our outstanding service. You can rent a railway aerial work platform that meets the requirements of your project as required and you can always reach us for emergency maintenance! As we have a large and varied machine pool and have sufficient skilled professionals available, we can offer you the ideal solution whenever you need it. Do you want to buy railway machinery or rent a railway aerial work platform? Request a quotation for all your engineering work, free of obligation.