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Railway track maintenance

In the Netherlands alone, there are over 7,000 kilometres of railway line. A busy, complex network that requires constant correct maintenance such as maintenance of the catenary system, rails, sleepers and points. Whether it’s a question of renewing a broken overhead wire or working on overhead line gantries, SHVbv is the place to come. Our machines are designed for every sort of track maintenance for train services.

Different countries have different requirements for use of machinery during railway track maintenance. Due to Europe-wide accreditation, our advanced railway aerial work platforms can be awarded the correct approval and verification for each country. That makes SHVbv your all-round professional specialist for carrying out engineering work on catenary systems, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, tracks and stations and stops.

Renting and purchasing railway machinery for railways

We have the correct materials and specialists available for all types of track maintenance for trains. We have an extensive machine pool, so you can also contact us for railway machinery for railway engineering work. We can prevent wear and tear and hazardous situations during train travel by renewing both rails and power cables. Our ManiRail track telehandler is suited perfectly to catenary engineering work and supporting structure installation. Above all, our unique Railbuddy railway aerial work platform can be used on almost all of the most common railway systems in Europe due to its variable gauge system (for track widths from 1000 to 1600 mm).

Why choose us for railway track maintenance?

We are available day and night for expert maintenance, we conduct thorough inspections when required and can respond rapidly during technical troubles. Our experts can help you organize your special transport needs and are also available for emergency maintenance. Our Railbuddy has outstanding excellent service and ease of access for metro railway track maintenance. The railway machinery for railway engineering work features ease of access. This contributes to lowering the cost of railway track maintenance due to its multifunctionality. The fully protected control box is ideal for use during extreme weather conditions, but also helps protect it against vandalism.

Let SHVbv take care of your railway track maintenance

Our experts take care to limit the amount of disruption during the course of our engineering work. They achieve this by excellent communication and collaboration and by carrying out as much engineering work as possible during off-peak times. With our team of experienced specialists and modern railway machinery, we are happy to invest in more and better infrastructure to create excellent facilities for every type of rail network. If you are interested in more information about the railway machinery rental options for railway engineering work or services related to track maintenance for rail services, contact SHVbv for a customized quote. Our specialists keep your track safe!