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Specialist in renewing railway overhead catenary systems

The Dutch railway network’s catenary has a 1,500 Volt capacity. Therefore, it is very important that all our railway machinery and specialists working on the railway catenary hold the appropriate certification. Working safely and responsibly at SHVbv has the highest priority. We therefore take great care to ensure a reliable environment for both our workers and your staff. Our specialists are highly trained and always up to date on recent developments. This way we guarantee not only your safety but also responsible working conditions and ensure you never have to worry about any project delays. Do you have any questions or would you like more information about our catenary renewal? Contact one of our professionals!

SHVbv is your all-round partner for catenary maintenance

SHVbv is active on and around the railway in many ways. We are your proven partner when it comes to track maintenance, purchasing railway machinery and railway machinery rental. We also converted our Manitou 1745MRT into a ManiRail telehandler. It is very suitable for the maintenance of the overhead catenary system, such as renewing contact wires. The success and popularity of our ManiRail is now known in no less than 5 countries. The excellent service provided by SHVbv is now known throughout Europe!

Best quality railway equipment rental from SHVbv

In order to renew the contact wires on the track, you will of course need the appropriate high-quality material. All such components are available at SHVbv. With our innovative Railbuddy railway aerial work platform you can reach a working height of 16.4 meters. The Railbuddy is equipped with a clean diesel engine, so that renewing contact wires does not have a negative impact on the health of your workers, even in tunnels. This railway aerial work platform offers space for 3 workers and tools up to a maximum weight of 400 kg. Do you still require more tools? Increase your space with an extra aluminium rail trailer. On this trailer there is space for transporting material and tools up to 500 kg.

Contact wire professional with national coverage

Because we have skilled and experienced specialists who can work with track contact wires, we have built up a large customer base in this field. For example, we have already been able to renew many contact wires for ProRail, RET, TRU, Infrabel, HSL/HRT, GVB, HTM and the Betuwe route. Due to the excellent working relationship between SHVbv and their clients, they not only have experience working on the Dutch railways but also with the metro– and tram networks.

SHVbv is there for you day and night

At SHVbv we are here to help shoulder the burden of all your contact wire railway operations or in all your rail wire track maintenance We are available day and night for breakdown services and railway operations, but you can also contact us 24/7 for emergency services. You can rent our railway machinery for long- and short-term projects. Furthermore, SHVbv makes it possible to hire railway machinery and experienced professional operators. All operators have the relevant certification and are also in possession of a valid VCA (safety check list for contractors) diploma. We are at your service every day of the week with guaranteed safe machinery and fully reliable professionals. Do wish to find out more about our high-quality service and what it can mean for you? Please contact us or request a free quote!