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At SHVbv you have come to the right place for overhead line gantries replacements

SHVbv is an accredited company engaged in many types of track maintenance. Consider maintenance of catenary poles, the lines and catenary themselves and the replacement of the overhead line gantries. Our team consists of well-trained professionals. As a result, we have nationwide coverage and extensive knowledge of all aspects relating to track maintenance. We can also help you with the transport of this rail machinery. Because SHVbv has a reputation as a reliable company, we now also rent out our rail machinery in 5 different European countries.

SHVbv offers track maintenance by experienced experts

Work on catenary poles is specialist work. Almost all trams, metros and trains in Europe are electrically powered. These catenary poles and overhead lines are under high voltage, and as such, the replacement of overhead line gantries is dangerous work. For these kinds of projects SHVbv has in house experienced specialists. Our overhead line gantry experts have years of experience in the field. Their work is both rapid and meticulous. Our professionals are provided with appropriate certifications and required diplomas. In this way we can guarantee optimum safety.

Have your overhead catenary system replaced by our catenary specialist

It is very important that overhead catenary system and poles are checked regularly. After all, they must withstand weather and wind all year round and allow the busy railway network to function at its best. For example, the catenary system and poles regularly suffer from storm damage or wear and tear. The catenary is under high voltage. If this causes damage or defects, it is very important that they are repaired as soon as possible. Unfortunately, SHVbv also regularly experiences unnecessary damage to the catenary system due to vandalism. Whatever the reason, for this kind of emergency job we always offer you a fast and professional service. For example with our most innovative railway aerial work platform, Railbuddy. By renting this railway aerial work platform, problems involving the catenary are solved as quickly and easily as possible. Do you have any questions about our services or do you have any questions about our emergency maintenance? We are available day and night!

Railway equipment and true professionals can be found at SHVbv

Extensive work is involved when replacing overhead line gantries or other railway operations. For this reason, not only excellent track material is required but also qualified professionals. At SHVbv, in addition to renting rail machinery and purchasing railway machinery from our extensive machine fleet, you also have the opportunity of hiring experienced specialists for both small and large rail projects. With our range of railway cranes, telehandlers and aerial track work platforms, which can be diligently operated by our professionals if required, we can help relieve you of all railway work and track maintenance.

SHVbv is available for overhead line gantries emergency maintenance

You can contact us 24/7 for emergency maintenance such as replacing overhead line gantries or maintenance on catenary poles. You can rent our railway machinery for long and short term projects. Furthermore, SHVbv makes it possible to hire railway machinery and experienced professional operators. All operators have the relevant certification and are also in possession of a valid VCA (safety check list for contractors) diploma. We are at your service every day of the week with guaranteed safe machinery and fully reliable professionals. Do wish to find out more about our high-quality service and what it can mean for you? Please contact us or request a free quote!